Aeromotive – 11746, 11115 AN-12 Female Port Adapter (111-1507-0) (11115/11117)



P/N 11746 ORB-12 High Flow Outlet Port Adapter
Designed for the outlet of Aeromotive 12-Series Pumps

Bolt-on outlet port fitting ORB-12
Accepts ORB-12 to AN-12 port fitting P/N 15612.
Accepts ORB-12 to AN-10 port fitting P/N 15613.
Do NOT use as inlet adapter for 12-Series Pumps.

Suitable inlet adapters for the 12-Series pumps include either AN-16 or 1 – 1/4″ Bib/Barb style connections.

AN-16 male flare inlet adapter P/N 11747
1 – 1/4″ bib/barb inlet adapter P/N 11748