Aeromotive – 13134 Extreme Flow 2-Port EFI Regulator, 30-120psi, .313 Valve,(2) AN-10 inlets, AN-10 Bypass



P/N 13134: Extreme Flow EFI Regulator
30-75 PSI and 75-125 PSI Base Pressure Range

Extreme Flow Design optimized for the Eliminator, Pro-Pump and Dual A1000 fuel systems.
Suitable for Mechanical pumps up to 5.0 GPM.
Compact, 2-Port Body with dual AN-10 inlet/outlet ports and one AN-10 return port.”
High Flow 0.313″ Valve/Seat, optimized for larger electric fuel pumps in the 2.5-5.0 GPM flow range.
Dual Springs expand pressure range while maintaining a low profile and reduced weight.
Standard spring (installed) supports 30-75 PSI base fuel pressure.
High Pressure spring (included) supports 75-120 PSI base fuel pressure.
Systems where an electric pump is desired and where base pressure exceeds 70-PSI should run two pumps of similar flow rate, in series.
Vacuum and boost reference on a 1:1 ratio.
Compatible with gasoline, ethanol and methanol.