Aeromotive – 13151 A1000 Injected Bypass EFI Regulator,(2) -10 inlets, -6 return PLATINUM SERIES



Performance EFI regulator designed for medium to high horsepower applications. This regulators features Aeromotive’s high-flow design, superb pressure control and legendary durability. On the street and at the track, this pressure regulator has logged more miles, laps and passes than any other performance EFI regulator in the world!

Each Platinum Series product features a mirror like, show-quality nickel finish that is virtually maintenance free and is identical in performance to its anodized brother. For more information, see the corresponding anodized product.

Features a nickel finish.
Base pressure adjustable from 40-75 PSI.
Gasoline and alcohol compatible.
Fuel pressure rises on a 1:1 ratio with boost.
1/8′ NPT gauge port.
P/N 13101 provides (2) ORB-10 inlet ports and (1) ORB-06 return port.