Aeromotive – 13305 Regulator, Adjustable, 35-75psi, .313 Valve, (2)-08inlets, -08 return



P/N 13305 X1 EFI Pro Bypass Regulator
EFI Bypass Regulator for Return Style Systems

Base fuel pressure adjustable from 35-75 PSI.
Vacuum/Boost reference capability.
1:1 rising rate for forced induction engines.
Gasoline, ethanol, alcohol and diesel compatible.
2 – ORB -08 inlet/outlet ports on the sides.
1 – ORB-08 return port on the bottom port.
1 – 1/8″ NPT Gauge Port with plug.
1/16″ NPT Boost Port with 5/32″ hose barb.
Compatible with X1 EFI Conversion kit.
Compatible with X1 Carb Conversion kit.
0.313″ bypass with matching spring and poppet.
Handles up to 250 GPH with AN-08 return line.
Ideal for high flow-Aeromotive Pumps including Eliminator, Pro-Series, Brushless 3.5 and 5.0.
Mounting bracket included (not shown).

X1 Regulator Service/Conversion Kits:
Include Seat, diaphragm/poppet assembly and spring

P/N 13014 150 GPH 0.313″ Carb Conversion Kit
P/N 13013 150 GPH 0.188″ EFI Conversion Kit
P/N 13015 250 GPH 0.313″ EFI Service Kit