Aeromotive – 17140 Belt Drive Pump Kit (P/N 11105) with Gilmer pulley and mounting bracket



P/N 17140 6-GPM Billet Belt Drive Pump Kit
Mechanical fuel pump kit for carb and EFI engines

Aeromotive’s Universal Fuel Systems are designed to provide the do-it-yourselfer with ALL the hardware and components necessary to properly install a ‘full-on’ Aeromotive fuel system. If you’re building a street/strip car or one strictly for racing, you can select one of the systems available for carbureted or fuel injected engines. Suitable for installation in any chassis, these systems provide a wide range of performance, from 250 to 2000 HP.

Bottom line, if you’re tired of fuel delivery problems, Aeromotive has the fuel system solution you’ve been looking for. Designed to provide outstanding performance through matched component selection and correct installation, these systems offer the results only years of engineering experience can provide, while eliminating confusion, wasted time and unnecessary expense.

Belt Drive Fuel Pump Kit Includes:

P/N 11105 Fuel Pump
P/N 21109 28-tooth Gilmer Pump Pulley
P/N 11705 Billet Fuel Pump Mounting Bracket