FuelTech GearController



16×2 characters OLED display and buttons that allow programming directly on the unit. No computer needed
Active traction control by wheel speed*
Retards ignition timing to control power on the wheels and cuts ignition on extreme situations
Full throttle gear change with no clutch use, keeping constant torque and reducing time under no acceleration (power-shift function)*
Individual gear cut time per shift
Compatible with stock shift levers (contact us to check compatibility prior to acquisition)
Power shift function can only be used on dog engagement gear boxes
Ignition cut gear change feature can be used with any aftermarket EFI brand that has 2 step limiter input.

*Active traction control feature is required to be used with any of the FuelTech FT350, FT400, or FT500 EFI systems.

Technical Description

Two step and clutch signal input
Line Lock solenoid direct drive (no relay required)
Strain Gauge sensor gain adjustments
Help keeping car “on track”
Highly increases clutch life
High slippage clutch flow control valve compatible
Reduces gearbox damage and increases dog engagement life
Keeps constant torque allowing higher boost pressure
Only compatible with dog engagement equipped gear boxes (Liberty Pro-Shift, Liberty Face Plate, Dog Engagement, etc.) – Synchro gear boxes do not work with this system
Active traction control by wheel speed. Identifies loss of traction by comparing wheel speed and retards ignition timing (according to configuration). Under extreme situations, applies progressive ignition cuts to control traction. *1*2
Firmware update over the internet *3
In order to make flat shifts possible, GearController reads a strain gage sensor installed on the shift lever. When the driver forces the lever to shift gears, GearController cuts the ignition for tenths of a second to allow disengagement of the current gear and the engagement of the next one
Dimensions: 140mm x 80mm x 30mm

*1: Using integrated CAN port.
*2: Compatible only with FT350, FT400, or FT500 EFI systems..
*3: FuelTech USB-CAN Converter needed – sold separately.

Strain gauge sensor installation is not included in the product’s price and its installation must be done by FuelTech personel.
Contact FuelTech tech support to check compatibility of your shifter before buying.