FuelTech PRO550/600 FTSPARK-8 Harness


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For use with our FTSPARK-8 CDI module and FuelTech CDI Racing Coils.
FTSPARK is a high power CDI ignition module compatible with ANY ECU on the market.
Specifically designed to plug n’ play with our PRO600 harness.
If you are intending on using this harness with another ECU manufacturer, you will need to modify it and add 7 additional outputs wires.
This harness is built using a serial bus connection (1 wire) which only works with FuelTech ECUs – FT450 and above.
Uses Outputs B (Gray wires) on PRO600 Harness.
Includes: CAN connector, power and ground ring terminals (battery) and 10-way Connector with wires for connection with the ECU and CPC connector for the firewall.

*Please contact us with any questions to confirm compatibility with your setup.